Phone: 409-838-9094

Address: 665 Orleans St., Beaumont, TX 77701

Title IV School Code: 043029

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  • Your Barber School Tour Checklist

    Your Barber School Tour Checklist

    How do you choose the right barber school for you? When starting your career as a barber, the school you choose will set you on the path. Your student experience, the quality of your education, and the specific skills you learn can shape your first several years as a professional barber and can connect you…

  • How to become a Barber in Texas?

    How to become a Barber in Texas?

    Texas barbershops are a significant part of the state’s culture and history. Customers often prefer a dedicated space and skilled experts who specialize in men’s hairstyles, facial hair grooming, and skin care. Those aspiring to become a barber in Texas may pursue a well-respected career in this field. Whether you are fresh out of high…