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Your Barber School Tour Checklist

Your Barber School Tour Checklist

How do you choose the right barber school for you? When starting your career as a barber, the school you choose will set you on the path. Your student experience, the quality of your education, and the specific skills you learn can shape your first several years as a professional barber and can connect you to a professional network that could benefit you for the rest of your career.

Choosing the right barber school almost always starts with a tour. This allows you to explore far more than just the program descriptions. You will get a close look at the classrooms, the hands-on training facilities, the equipment, the instruction styles, and the student culture you will be joining if you choose to enroll. You will get a chance to ask questions and get the answers that matter most for your future.

In order to get everything you need from the experience, the smart first step is to build a barber school tour checklist. This can help you look for all the right details, remember to ask all the right questions, and more easily compare schools if you go on multiple tours.

Before the Tour

  • Research the School and Website
    • Come equipped with knowledge about the school you are touring. While you will probably get the founding story during the tour guide’s introduction, what you really want to know can usually be found on the school’s website. Look up details like
      • Programs
      • Tuition
      • Schedules
      • Career opportunities
      • Student testimonials
  • Establish Personal Goals
    • In addition to learning about the school, establish what you are personally looking for in a barber school. Define your priorities and what would make you favor one school over another. Write them down, as this can help guide your decision-making later.

What to Bring on a Barber School Tour

  • Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes
  • Bring something to take notes with
  • Pack a water bottle
  • Take photos with your phone

Preparing  for your scheduled tour, you may be wondering how to dress and what to bring. Don’t worry, this part is easy. Wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes, as the tour will likely take between 45 mintes to 2 hours. Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

You will also want something to take notes with and have your phone ready to take photos. This can help you review your experience and answers to questions later on.

What to Look For on the Tour

A good checklist is the most useful when preparing to learn everything you can during your barber school tour. Here’s a quick overview of all the things you may want to observe and ask about during the tour:

  • Learning Environment and Facilities
    • Take a look at the classrooms and the hands-on training spaces in each barber school. You can look at the quality of the architecture and facilities or the vibe of the learning environment.
  • Educational Barber Equipment
    • Great barber training relies on hands-on experiences and good equipment. Evaluate the quality and quantity of available equipment for hands-on training.
  • Programs and Curriculums
    • Ask about the available barber programs and what is included in the curriculum. Ask about what the students will learn and any special skill training that might be available.
  • Available Learning Schedules
    • Many barber schools offer both full-time and part-time program schedules. Ask about class times and how flexible the available learning schedules can be.
  • Class Sizes
    • Investigate class sizes. A smaller number of students per instructor can provide a higher quality learning experience.
  • Instructor Qualifications
    • Learn about the qualifications of each barber school’s instructors. Investigate accreditation and credentials.
  • Financial Aid Opportunities
    • Investigate financial aid opportunities for things like scholarships, support programs, and student loans that can help you cover your barber school tuition and educational expenses. Remember, financial aid is only available to those who qualify!
  • Career Services for Graduates
    • Ask about the opportunities and support for graduates starting their barber career. Many schools have programs and services that help to launch newly licensed barbers.
  • Student Resources
    • Discover if there are available online or on-campus student resources to make your learning experience easier or more accessible.
  • Campus Atmosphere and Student Culture
    • Lastly, determine if you enjoy the general campus atmosphere and student culture that you experience during your tour.

Questions to Ask

No doubt you have plenty of questions before committing to a barber school, but It’s easy to forget what to ask during the barber school tour. Your best bet is to create a list of questions so you remember to ask them at the right moments before, during, or after your tour when the opportunity arises.

  • What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
  • What are ther opportunities for hands-on practice?
  • Which specialized barber courses are available?
  • How long does the barber program take?
  • Are alternative student schedules available?
  • What are the job placement rates for graduates?
  • What types of financial aid are available?

After the Tour

  • Reflect on the Tour Experience
  • Compare Your Notes from Other School Tours
  • Ask Follow-Up Questions
  • Make a Confident Decision

The last step in your barber school tour checklist is to reflect and compare. Use the notes you took during each tour to compare different barber schools. Weigh the pros and cons. You can also call up a school or send an email to ask any follow-up questions you may have.

Once you have reflected on what you learned during each tour, you can more confidently decide which barber school is right for you.

Book a Tour at the Barber Trade School

If you are an aspiring barber ready to begin your education, we’re here to help. You can book your initial tour at the Barber Trade School by contacting us online or calling 409-838-9094 to start the pre-enrollment process. We hope this checklist helps you learn enough to boldly take the first steps of your barber career.


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